Founder of Baby Harp, former Hong Kong Classical Harp Studio


Harp Performer, Harp Teacher, 2019

Corinna Wong’s Latest Releases

"Corinna loves her baby harp.  She hopes that her books provide more choices for all baby harp players."

“My family had the pleasure of listening to Corinna at The Langham Hong Kong.  We knew nothing about the harp nor had ever listened to one.  After a long day it was perfect just to sit and listen to Corinna play.  She is a superstar!  Loved every minute that she played.”

Catherine from Australia


“This is my first time to enjoy live performance of harp.  The music is really soft and relaxing which matches freshly baked scones and a cup of hot tea.  Though there was only one guest who explicitly appreciated your performance, I believed that all the guests enjoyed the great food, atmosphere and music as I did in this afternoon.”

Coffee from Hong Kong

"My respected person is my harp teacher.  She doesn't only play the harp, she plays the piano, guitar ....."

Yumiko from Hong Kong