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Harp Teacher Application

We have a connection with many music centres in Hong Kong and are happy to introduce potential harp teachers to them if they desire.  If you want to teach harp at music centres or similar organisations, please feel free to register here.  The information will be treated confidentially and will only be use as job referral, and will not be disclose to other parties.

Please note that once you register, you will expect to receive message/call from music centres who are looking for harp teachers without prior notice.  Baby Harp does not charge any parties for this service.  Baby Harp is happy to help music centres and potential harp teachers to fulfil their needs.  Music centre will contact you directly.  Baby Harp does not involve nor take any responsibility in the employment whatsoever.  Baby Harp is NOT a recruitment agency.

If a music centre contacts you and you do not want to take the job offer for whatever reason, just refuse them nicely!  Wait for the next offer!  We hope to make everyone happy!  Don't despair!  Be hopeful!  


We hope to find you a job so that you can educate people how beautiful harp is.  Let's make harp popular and famous together!

If you want us to stop passing your contact to music centres who are looking for harp teachers, please send us an email immediately: info@babyharp.com.

Thanks for submitting!