“You are so lovely, so lovely.” said with her thumbs up. ~ by a female westerner hotel guest

“You are so good.  You should be in an orchestra......You should come to Australia!" ~ by 2 Australian men & 1 woman hotel guests

“You are doing an amazing job, I've been watching you the whole week and you play so beautifully.” ~ by an Australian male hotel guest

“She is fascinated seeing you play.  She said you look like an angel except that you don't have wings.” ~ by a Singaporean mother with a 4 yr old daughter

“It's very nice, I enjoy it very much.  At first I heard it and thought this was beautiful and only later I realised it was live!  You are playing!  It's beautiful.  Thank you.” ~ by a western female hotel guest working behind her computer all afternoon.

“I've been listening to you for an hour, I'm enjoying it, it's very nice.  The songs you play are composed for the harp, right?.... Thank you.” ~ by an old western male hotel guest

“You are very good, you bring us a lot of pleasure, thank you.  Where are you from? There aren't that many harpists in the world!” ~ by a Singaporean male hotel guest

“You are doing a very good job.  It is beautiful.  I have a question, when you stop, do I clap or stay quiet or what?” ~ by a mid age western male hotel guest

"It is excellent.  How long have you been playing?  I heard you play and you are very experienced, very good.” ~ by an old western couple hotel guest

“Is she real?”  "Yes, she is real."  "Is she real?"  "yes, she is real." ~ a toddler hotel guest stood next to the harp and asked her grandma twice. 

“The music is very nice, mum!"  After 30 seconds he repeated loudly, "the music is very nice, mum!"  ~ by a young western boy 

"She plays really well!” shouted to her mother~ by a young girl hotel guest standing next to the harp

“This is very pretty and you are so pretty and you play very well” ~ by an Asian female hotel guest after taking several pictures with me

“Bella” ~ by a group of western male hotel guest after taking close up pictures of me

"You are very good.” ~ by an Asian male hotel guest clapped to my playing, he stood very closely and watched me played for a long time

“This is the best high tea we had.” ~ by a Singaporean couple hotel guest

“Very nice, keep up the good work.” ~ by a western male hotel guest as he walked pass me

"Very nice.  Excellent!” ~ by a western male hotel guest sitting behind me.

“Thank you, it was beautiful” ~ by a western female hotel guest as I was packing up

“It was beautiful and lovely, fantastic, where else do you play?  How long have you been playing?.” ~ by a British male hotel guest as I was covering my harp

"What is this instrument called?  how often are you here? Are you single?  Boyfriend?  You can be my second wife. I'm only joking.” ~ by an Asian male hotel guest while his wife taking photos further down in the lobby

“I'm sad to see you leave” ~ by a western female hotel guest looking sad as I was pushing my harp to the back

“It's very nice, thank you.” ~ by a western male hotel guest who spoke in a soft, low voice next to my ear from my back when I was playing, he gave me a fright

"I did enjoy that, thank you very much.” ~ by an African male hotel guest as he walked pass me

“We came to listen to the music.  It's excellent, how long have you been playing?  I heard you play, you are very experienced, very good.” ~ by an old  western couple hotel guest

“What?  Are you leaving?  I said to my friend let's listen to the music, we set down and ordered drinks, and the drinks aren't even here yet and you tell me you are leaving?” ~ by two western funny female hotel guests as I was packing up

"How do you tune it?  423 Hz is better than 440Hz.  I play the guitar, keyboard and sing.  You do solo and you should tune it to 423Hz.  What are the pedals for?  I enjoyed your playing, it's very peaceful.  I've seen you before.  I'm flying to Saudi Arabia tonight, I hope to see you again.  Your hair, your dress, the selection of songs.... everything is just right..” ~ by an western pilot hotel guest

“I saw a harpist at a hotel in Paris.  She was a music academy student.  Do you play in an orchestra?  Are you studying? I enjoyed your music.” ~ by a western male hotel guest who waved at me at my break

“It sounds so good and you are beautiful.  When are you here?  I'll bring a friend next week.” ~ by a local female hotel guest

"You played very beautifully.” ~ by an Asian girl hotel guest said with her mouth in an "O" shape looking amazed.  She stood next to my harp very closely and watched for a long long time.   She danced with my music next to my harp and tried to chat with me while I was playing 

“It sounds beautiful, I enjoyed it” ~ by an Indian female hotel guest who waved at me and said 'Hello hello' while I was playing

Three african little girls loved the music and danced on the lobby floor.   Their dad brought them to the cafe and ordered ice cream.  Sadly I finished in 5 minutes and the girls followed me all the way to the back!

"How are you feeling when you play the harp?  Are you from Hong Kong?  You play very well..” ~ by a western male hotel guest 

“Very beautiful playing, very nice playing.” ~ by four western female hotel guests whom I met at the toilet on my break

“Thank you very much for your playing.  I play Irish harp.  Thank you very much for the beautiful music.” ~ by a western male hotel guest

"Nice, good.” ~ by a western daddy who had a baby daughter in his hands and stood in front of me, smiled and said using his lips.

“Are you going to sing?” ~ by a drunk Asian male hotel guest

“How long did it take you to learn it?  Very good playing” ~ by a big western male hotel guest

"Very nice playing, beautiful". ~ by a western female guest who clapped to my playing

“Fantastic!” ~ by two girls who gave compliments to the manager in the cafe

A mainland daddy held a baby in his arms to watch me play.  Once he left me, the baby cried.  Dad brought the baby back to me again, the baby watched me with his big eyes, relaxed and then fell asleep! 

"Lovely, beautiful.” ~ by a group of Australian hotel guests who clapped to my playing 

“What is the size of this harp?  How do you carry it?  Do you play in an orchestra?  I enjoyed it very much.” ~ by a western male hotel guest

“Thank you.  It's gorgeous.” ~ by a western male hotel guest

"Where are you going?  Are you coming back?  How did you get your muscles?  Gym or harp?” ~ by two western male hotel guests

“You are the girl giving us this beautiful music"....... "taking me to paradise........”  "I'm no longer married" he said to his friends.~ by a western male hotel guest 

“Are you the harpist?  My husband is a musician and he can't believe there is a harpist here!  We are not leaving.” ~ by a western female hotel guest

"Thank you.  It's beautiful.  Amazing!.” ~ by a western male hotel guest who took pictures of me

“We are lucky!  We are lucky to have you!” ~ by a western male regular hotel guest

“It's lovely.  It's art.” ~ by a western male hotel guest waiting for her wife

"what are the pedals for?  What brand is this?  Which country is it made from?  It has a lovely sound.” ~ by an old western couple hotel guest who stayed and listened for a long time 

“Are you done?”  I said I will play for another 30 mins.  "That's good enough, we came just to listen" ~ by a Chinese couple regular hotel guest

“It's wonderful, we are enjoying it!” ~ by two western female hotel guests after taking pictures of me

"Thank you.  I love it..” ~ by a western female hotel guest who stood very close and watched my fingers 

“It's so beautiful.  Is it difficult to learn?  You play it so beautifully.” ~ by an old western couple hotel guest

“Thank you.  It was lovely, very beautiful playing..” ~ by an old western couple hotel guest who set down and watched me play for a long time

An old Japanese couple clapped and talked to me in Japanese.  A staff translated it and said 'The best'.  They said more than that but none of us understood them

“It's beautiful.  I enjoyed the major keys more than minor keys.  But both are still beautiful.” ~ by a western couple hotel guest

“Ho lang.” ~ by a western male hotel guest who spoke cantonese to me.  It means "very beautiful".

"Can I take a picture with you?  I'm so happy to see you every time I come here.  You are very pretty.” ~ by a local female hotel guest 

“It's sad to see you leave.”  "I'll be here tomorrow" I said.  She laughed, "we won't". ~ by an old western couple hotel guest

“You are so important to us.” ~ by a western female hotel guest who almost tripped over and fell on my harp.  She said she was saying to herself, "I've seen this girl, it's good that she is here again.

"Beautiful, lovely, thank you.” ~ by an old western couple hotel guest.  The woman said this to me from time to time and touched my back while I was playing in the afternoon  

“Thank you for the fine music.  I enjoyed it very much.  Do you play in an orchestra?” ~ by two western male hotel guests

“Please tell the harpist that she played beautifully.” ~ by a western female hotel guest said to a hotel staff

"It's beautiful, thank you.” ~ by a group of four local female hotel guests.  They asked when I'm here, I said everyday except Tuesday.  They said we won't come on Tuesday then. 

“Thank you.  You play beautifully.” ~ by a western male hotel guest who spoke to my left ear suddenly when I was playing.  He gave me a fright.

I was playing Itsumo Nandodemo and a Japanese young lady sang along with her perfect Japanese tone next to me.  It was so beautiful.  I didn't want the song to end.

"You play the harp marvellously.  Are you a student?  Do you play in an orchestra?  What are the pedals for?  How to play the appreggios? ...etc....” ~ by a tall Asian native English speaking male hotel guest 

“You played beautifully.  Thank you so much.  I enjoyed it dearly.” ~ by an Indian male hotel guest

"You are very talented and you played beautifully, very beautifully", with the amazing look on his face ~ by an old western male hotel guest

"Thank you.  I enjoyed your playing.  I listen to the piano in hotels for many years and harp is far better.   I watched you yesterday and today.  Do you play in an orchestra?” ~ by a western male hotel guest 

“You play really well.  I play the piano.  I didn't expect that.  You play exquisitely.  I'm going to sit and listen.” ~ by a western male hotel guest 

A western young man rushed to me when I was packing up.  He said he came just to hear me play but I finished already.  I said sorry.  He said he is leaving tomorrow.  I said sorry.  He said it's ok.......

"I just want to say thank you for the lovely music.” ~ by a western male hotel guest who had drinks in the cafe.  Left. Then back in the lobby again. 

“Thank you for the beautiful music.” and "it was really really really very lovely."~ by a western couple hotel guest

"It's so nice to listen to your music after a long flight." ~ by a western female hotel guest whose name is same as mine!  She and her husband came and saw me last year too.

"My daughter plays the harp as well.  I hope she will play as well as you.” ~ by a western male hotel guest after taking videos of me.  He will show my videos to her daughter 

“You look super pretty.  I enjoyed your playing and I know how to play it.” ~ by a little western girl hotel guest who stayed and watched me play and took pictures of me

"I like your music and I like you." ~ by a western male hotel guest

A western male hotel guest was fascinated with the harp music.  He asked to feel my hand and many questions about the harp.

and many more..........